Jonathan Hultén releases the video for ‘Wasteland’ (forest version)

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JONATHAN HULTÉN releases the video for “Wasteland (forest version)”

– a new alternative version of the song taken from his debut solo album Chants From Another Place

Having released his debut solo album Chants From Another Place on Kscope in 2020, Sweden’s enigmatic Swedish Grammy-winning songwriter, JONATHAN HULTÉN, has released an alternative version of the song “Wasteland” accompanied by a haunting new video.

Jonathan explains the idea for the newly re-worked version and the (im)practicalities of filming in a forest in the dark ”this is ‘Wasteland’ in a more minimalistic form. The piano is switched for an organ and the vocal harmonies have left the picture. Being stripped of its elements the song is brought closer to its emotional core.

The video is filmed in the woods at night and really was an experiment, the carrying through of a dreamy vision. We were not sure we would be able to pull it off due to the practical difficulties; the old organ had to be transported on a slightly too small boat along a river and then be carried up between the trees to the planned location. But it was a fun struggle, realizing crazy ideas is a reward in and of itself.

This video is also the first piece in a bigger puzzle that gradually will come together in due time. Exactly what it will be remains to be seen…”

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