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Kscope Podcast 161 - NEW PROG ROCK!

Featuring ACLE and JAY of TESSERACT - with advice on band merch (particularly Xmas jumpers), the new challenges of post-Brexit cost-of-living touring, and playing metal to a new-born baby…

We’ll hear the new singles from TESSERACT, O.R.k. & BRUCE SOORD… AND the new single from GONG who are touring with OZRIC TENTACLES soon; now there’s a double-dip rarified psychedelic experience, no wonder the Spring dates are called THE LAST BLAST… (there's some new Ozrics musicks coming soon, keep your ears peeled and pinned back.......)


  • TESSERACT - The Grey (from War of Being) 15 SEPTEMBER
  • O.R.k. - Deadly Bite (from Screamnasium) OUT NOW
  • GONG - Tiny Galaxies (from Unending Ascending) 3 NOVEMBER
  • BRUCE SOORD - Nestle In (from Luminescence) 22 SEPTEMBER

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