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Kscope Podcast 117 – A Golden Hour of 2019 Chats

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Podcast 117

What a great year it’s been for Kscope and its artists, thank you BIG TIME for your support!

The acts have played in every corner of the globe, records have made the charts, awards have been placed upon mantlepieces. Here’s a few highlights of the chats and the music from the year of Billy Reeves.

LOTS coming next year too, hear it here!

On this podcast:

Richard Barbieri - "New Soul 2018' (from VARIANTS. 5)

O.R.k – "Black Blooms'' (from Ramaagehead)

Mansun – "Fall Out'' (from Six)

Giancarlo Erra – "End IV' (from Ends)

Gong – "My Sawtooth Wake' (from The Universe Also Collapses)

Daniel Tompkins – "Limitless'' (from Castles)

Iamthemorning– "Songs of Psyche'' (from The Bell)

Klone – "Yonder'' (from Le Grande Voyage)

Bruce Soord – "All This Will Be Yours'' (from In All This Will Be Yours)

North Atlantic Oscillation – "Spinning Show'' (from Grindshow)

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