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Kscope Podcast 112 – Marjana Semkina Interview | Iamthemorning ‘The Bell’

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Podcast 112 – Marjana Semkina Interview | Iamthemorning 'The Bell'


Welcome to the Kscope Podcast and thank you very much for your continued support.

In this episode Billy shares an iced banana coffee in a street-café with the award-winning Marjana Semkina to talk about Dante Gabriel Rossetti, coffin bells and premature burials - as well as the new LP 'The Bell' from iamthemorning (out August 2nd).

PLUS some spacey Anathema news, a rarity from The Anchoress, and, if you can handle it, the Greg Brimson take on the O.R.k. track Signals Erased.

On this podcast:

Iamthemorning – "Song of Psyche", "Freak Show", "Six Feet" and "Ghost of a Story" (from The Bell)

The Anchoress – "What Goes Around (Acoustic)" (from Confessions of a Romance Novelist)

ORk – "Signals Erased (Greg Brimson Remix)" (from Signals Erased EP)

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