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Kscope Podcast 136

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Podcast #136

FOMO/ICYMI edition AKA Kscope Podcast 136

an assessment of where we at Kscope are at - halfway through 2021.


TesseracT – ‘Nocturne’ (from P O R T A L S)

The Anchoress – the Cross Bone T remix of ‘Unravel’ (from The Art of Losing 3CD set)

The Helicopter of The Holy Ghost  - ‘Tony Got A Car’ (radio edit) (from Afters)

Trifecta – ‘Nightmare In Shining Armour’ (from Fragments)

Richard Barbieri – ‘Under a Spell’ from the album of the same name

White Moth Black Butterfly – ‘Bloom’ (from The Cost of Dreaming)

Klone – ‘Army of Me’ (from Alive)

Giancarlo Erra – ‘169th Tape’ (from Departure Tapes)

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