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Podcast #139

Hello! Autumnal Podcast sounds from The Pineapple Thief in support of the concert film-in-the-round/live album/DVD ‘Nothing But The Truth’: we’ll hear from main man/mainstay Bruce Soord on the project’s gestation and we get to hear what he feels is his proudest achievement as a musician.

PLUS the follow-up album to ‘Spooky Action’ by Mansun’s Paul Draper is on the way - we get to hear the title track; AND some mischievous grooves from little pixies Ozric Tentacles, Trifecta (those hard-working elves from Steven Wilson’s band), a Giancarlo Erra Hallowe’en remix, we get lost in the forest with Jonathan Hultén and get to hear some brand new music from the Wizards at Tangerine Dream H.Q…

Paul Draper (Mansun) – ‘Cult Leader Tactics’ (from Cult Leader Tactics)
The Pineapple Thief – ‘Demons’, ‘In Exile’, ‘Someone Pull Me Out’ (from Nothing But the Truth)
Ozric Tentacles – ‘Six Worlds’ (from Space for the Earth) (The Tour That Didn't Happen 2CD edition)
Trifecta – ‘Clean Up On Aisle 5’ (from Fragments)
Giancarlo Erra – ‘Dawn Tape’ (The Melting Rust Opera remix, original on Departure Tapes)
Jonathan Hultén – ‘The Call To Adventure’ (Forest version) (original on Chants From Another Place)
Tangerine Dream – ‘Raum’ (edit) (from Probe 6-8)

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