The Kscope Podcast with Billy Reeves

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As creative, independent, forward-thinking musicians emerge from the worst of the lockdown, and try and tour, record and write again – we hear their thoughts on the future of music, featuring… PAUL FRICK of TANGERINE DREAM, BRUCE SOORD and GAVIN HARRISON of THE PINEAPPLE THIEF, MAIAH WYNNE of ENVY OF NONE, MARIUSZ DUDA of LUNATIC SOUL & RIVERSIDE, JON GOMM of JON GOMM and THOMAS ANDERSON of GAZPACHO

Tangerine Dream - Along the Canal (from Raum)
Gazpacho - Hourglass (from Fireworking at St.Croix)
Envy of None - Old Strings (from Envy of None)
TesseracT - Hollow (from Regrowth AA side available on Bandcamp)
Mariusz Duda - Lemon Flavoured Stars (from Claustrophobic Universe)
The Pineapple Thief - Boxing Day (Rewired) (from Give it Back (Rewired))
O.R.k. - Hope for the Ordinary (from Screamnasium)
Ozric Tentacles / Ed Wynne - Starseeds (from Tumbling through the Multiverse)
Jon Gomm - Swallow you Whole (from The Faintest Idea)
Gazpacho - Gold Star (from March of Ghosts)

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