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What is a “half-speed master”? Can artificial intelligence write a hit? How have Gazpacho stayed together for 25 years? Are Norwegian winters that bad? Why are we obsessed with authenticity in art? Is the first time Roland Barthes has been mentioned on the Kscope podcast? All these questions answered by Thomas Anderson of Gazpacho, as the band are well into their vinyl audiophile re-issue campaign.

Tunes from same, and a new Anathema half-speed master, a new-to-vinyl O.R.k, and a new signing…

GAZPACHO - Black Lily (from March of Ghosts) (2012)
GAZPACHO - Defense Mechanism (from Missa Atropos) (2010)
GAZPACHO - Sea of Tranquility (from Bravo) (2003)
O.R.K. - Pyre (from Inflamed Rides)
ANATHEMA - One Last Goodbye (from Hindsight)
EMPYRE - Parasites (from Relentless)

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