Godsticks launch new video for ‘Victim’

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Godsticks opened 2020 with their highly acclaimed new album studio Inescapable.
The band now present a new video for the track “Victim”

Godsticks’ mix of heavy rock, progressive and alternative metal with a dynamic range of angular riffs and emotional depth will leave listeners reeling. The band’s sound has refined over their releases on Kscope, beginning with the technically astounding metal on ‘Emergence’ to the more industrial and progressive-influenced ‘Faced With Rage’. Now, with ‘Inescapable’, the band have channelled their energy and technical ability into the melody, phrasing and vocal performance, allowing emotion to take centre stage.

Vocalist Darran Charles delves into the song’s meaning “To me the song is essentially about arguing with myself – looking inside and not liking some of the things I find. You can visualise the person you want to be but trying to change can also be a process just as hurtful as coming to terms with our flaws.” He continues “All of us seemed to agree that this is our favourite song on the album, you’ll hear a definite progression from a light mood to a very dark and angsty vibe, which from a compositional standpoint was extremely challenging to achieve but eventually very rewarding.”

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