Gazpacho premiere new video for ‘Clockwork’

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Following the release of the band’s critically acclaimed latest studio album Fireworker, Gazpacho have released their new video for the track “Clockwork”.

We should leave it to the Thomas Andersen to tell you why you need to be there as only he can:

“It seems that there is still more to see in this world before the lights go out and it also seems that some of those things are worth seeing.

Particularly, and I am glad you asked, the video for ‘Clockwork’, which, for the uninitiated among you, a small part from the middle of the larger song ‘Space Cowboy’.

 Miles Skarin the Ancient Mariner from Crystal Spotlight has animated and produced the video and it seems to me that he is a genius in some weird way. He has managed to create the ultimate compliment to the tune and an engaging storyline that has an ending that would make Hitchcock himself spill his coffee and probably blame his wife or something, as is the tradition for us guys when we are clumsy.

 I really hope you won’t deprive yourself of this exquisite treasure of a video, as you deserve a boost after this long and seemingly never-ending winter.

 It also features Antonio’s main character from the “Night” cover, fully rendered in 3D or who knows, maybe 4D! And what a creature he is! I wonder how he would do on one of these dating sites?

We’ll never know, thankfully, but in the film we can see how his day turns out as he designs himself the key of dreams.

 We will be launching the full video this Friday after our live chat, where we hope to see each and every one of you, you are all beautiful in your own special way, even as text on screen your charisma shines through and we would so like to drink it in.

 Should you be one of the chosen ones please click your way to the Gaz Facebook page for the full uncensored details.

 The film is quite amazing by the way. Not to be missed.


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