Trifecta New Single And Video ‘Stupid Pop Song’

Johnny WilksNews

"Stupid Pop Song" is the latest track to be revealed by Trifecta - Blundell, Holzman, Beggs from their forthcoming album 'The New Normal' due to be released on 12 April .. enjoy the ride!

As Nick Beggs explains the song was not destined to be released by Trifecta “Stupid Pop Song was written for my daughter Willow who had a band for a while and was looking for material. I wrote it in the car one day whilst thinking about her musical journey.

It obviously has a different narrative and irony when sung by me which is what happened in the end owing to the fact her band split up.

I played it to Craig and Adam who both thought it would work well for Trifecta, but at the time I was unsure.  They kind of talked me round after playing with the arrangement in their studios.

I think it worked out rather well.”

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