Experimental Fusion Trio Trifecta’s Album ‘The New Normal’ Out Today

Johnny WilksNews

Experimental fusion trio Trifecta's brilliant new album The New Normal is out now. 

“sublime and wonderfully groovy”

 “prodigious technical ability and a sense of the absurd”

“With incredible twists and turns, The New Normal isn’t your daddy’s fusion album, this is where all of the ingredients are mixed in into some hot and spicy stew, blended in with a massive amount of wasabi sauce that is a dish served well”

“I think we all felt it was important to not fit too heavily into one idiom,” admits Beggs. “There was a lot we wanted to say and we couldn’t really compact it all into one predetermined sound. I’m especially proud of Dot Are You Wooing and Chinese Fire Drill. We wanted to take listeners on a journey they won’t forget. The roots of every song is representative of one person in this band. Adam would come up with something like Wacky Tobaccy, mapping out the sonics, and then we would expand on it together, changing things up wherever it suited the music. Craig came up with the song Ornamental Lettuce and then Adam and I added our parts on top. There’s plenty more to come!”


Available on Limited edition white 2 LP / CD / 2 LP and digitally

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