Trifecta (Beggs, Holzman, Blundell) release new single and video “The Enigma of Mr. Fripp”

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Trifecta (Nick Beggs, Adam Holzman, Craig Blundell) release new single and video for 'The Enigma of Mr. Fripp'

Nick Beggs explains how the video came about.. "It’s amazing what you can do with an iPhone and a computer! After I was contacted by Daniel Kerson at Musical Brick a light bulb went on in my head. Daniel kindly created the lego characters and sent them to me from Singapore where he lives. I then set about making a stop frame animation. It took five days and was filmed at my home studio. I hope you enjoy it.”

Fragments will be released on 20th August via Kscope on CD, black vinyl LP, ltd edition neon orange vinyl LP (exclusive to Kscope Store) and digitally.