Richard Barbieri shares visual for ‘Flare 2’

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Richard Barbieri has shared a new visual for ‘Flare 2’ to mark the release of his new solo album ‘Under A Spell’ through Kscope. Boasting a groundbreaking career that began in the late 70s with synth-pop visionaries Japan and more recently as a member of influential art-rock band Porcupine Tree, ‘Under A Spell’ is the first full length solo record from Richard Barbieri since 2017’s Planets + Persona.

Taking place over a period of nine minutes, ‘Flare 2’ is a sprawling and evolving soundscape of synths, trumpets and intriguing classical instrumentation. Indicative of the bold and progressive composition and production of Richard’s work on ‘Under A Spell’, Flare 2 now has an equally enthralling visualiser courtesy of animator Matthew Entecott.

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