Mansun’s ‘Little Kix’ released on Clear Vinyl for Record Store Day 2024



Butterfly ( A New Beginning )
I Can Only Disappoint U
Comes As No Surprise
Electric Man
Love Is…
Soundtrack 4 2 Lovers
Forgive Me
Until The Next Life
We Are The Boys
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The final Mansun album recorded before the band’s dissolution ‘Little Kix’ is available on limited edition Clear LP for the first time & will be limited to 2,000 copies for Record Store Day 2024.

Originally released in 2000, ‘Little Kix’ was the swansong of Mansun before the eventual break up in 2003.

Recorded aboard The Astoria, the celebrated David Gilmour owned recording studio, it was perhaps the most commercially oriented release from the band. Favouring traditional pop structures over their classic prog rock tendencies. Stepping away from the producer role, Paul Draper took more of a backseat whilst Grammy award-winning Hugh Padgham (The Police, Genesis, Phil Collins) was appointed producer for the album.

The album peaked at #12 on the UK Albums Chart - Notoriously the most divisive release amongst the fans, ‘Little Kix’ is an essential addition to the Mansun completists collection.