Kscope Podcast #151 is out now!

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Kscope Podcast #151 is OUT NOW and is an O.R.k. special featuring Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree)

Podcast #151 A long chat on the Kscope sofa with COLIN EDWIN, who you may know best as the bassist of PORCUPINE TREE as there’s a new O.R.k. album out entitled SCREAMNASIUM out now. The band features award-winning vocalist/composer LEF, KING CRIMSON’s PAT MASTELOTTO and the unique guitar of CARMELO PIPITONE as well as Col’s bottom end.

We hear what happened re: Colin’s exclusion from PORCUPINE TREE and how he feels about it, why the new O.R.k. set turned out how it did, what happens to Pat at border control, and our genial host BILLY REEVES hears “Einstürzende Neubauten” spoken out loud for the first time ever.

Plus new music from KLONE, EMPYRE, JOHNATHAN HULTÉN and a half-speed master from GAZPACHO…
O.R.k. - Don’t Call Me a Joke, As I Leave, Someone Waits (from Screamnasium)
GAZPACHO - Hell Freezes Over I (from March of Ghosts)
EMPYRE - Relentless (from Relentless)
KLONE - Within Reach (new single)
Jonathan Hultén - ...And the Pillars Tremble (Forest Version)