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After releasing their sensational Kscope debut ‘Meanwhile’ in February, Klone embarked on a fantastic UK / EU tour with Devin Townsend. Following a successful campaign, conquering territories all over Europe, the band returned to their native France for their headline show at ‘L’Empreinte’ in Savigny.

Having previously unveiled the live footage that was captured during their magnetic performance on April 15th now the band have released an evocative video for ‘Night And Day’, that showcases a darker tone to the already introspective progressive act.

Directed and edited by Julien Metternich (https://www.instagram.com/nrvju/) the video follows an emotional story told in a post apocalyptic world in a beautifully idiosyncratic clip.

"Night and Day" is an important song for us and is, in a way, the keystone of "Meanwhile" our latest album.” Its musical construction is quite simple, but still has the emphasis on riffing. The song’s atmosphere is both heavy yet ethereal, coming from the different sound contrasts and the interplay of instruments. Lyrically it speaks of a visceral need for change, to leave the world to which the protagonists no longer belong. The story is dark, but with a glimmer of hope.  In a way, it's a quest for a better future. Set in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, the video clip, directed by Julien Metter, adds an extra dimension to the lyrics and music.”

Yann Ligner – KLONE