Jon Gomm, acoustic singer-songwriter signs to Kscope

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Kscope are pleased to announce the signing of acoustic singer-songwriter and virtuoso guitarist Jon Gomm.

Working as an independent artist since the release of his debut album in 2003 marks the first time Jon has teamed together with a record label.

He states, ‘I’ve always been known as a fiercely independent artist, with whatever successes and failures all achieved by my own merit. In reality, it was a team, with my wife Natasha as my manager for over a decade. But when our daughter was born, something had to give, so she wisely quit. So after my own internal battle like when Clarke Kent fights a drunken Superman clinging to his old powers, I had to admit to myself that a big part of my working alone was that I was scared of being rejected. And because of that I’d fostered a lot of mistrust, to protect myself. I realised that it’s not compromising my ethics to work with other independents who can help me. And maybe it was time to finally grow up.

As soon as I mentioned to friends I was looking for a label, Kscope came up twice – once from Dan Tompkins (Tesseract), and once from someone who works in music promotion, and they both thought it would be a good home for me. So I met with the label, and they just want to help artists they love release music. It’s that simple. They don’t want to change me or my music or control it. And they are so, so patient. Thank fuck. It feels like a symbiosis of two independent entities. I have not been eaten. In fact they’ve given me freedom I never had.