Jon Gomm releases single for his new single ‘Cocoon’

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Taken from his new album ‘The Faintest Idea’

Jon Gomm, the UK based acoustic guitar virtuoso, who recently announced details of his new album The Faintest Idea, due for release on Kscope on 16th October 2020 has shared the video for new single ‘Cocoon’. Filmed by The Samsara Collective in the stunning setting of Niamos Radical Arts Theatre, Manchester, the video captures the immersive and emotional quality of Jon’s music.

Jon comments on the meaning behind ‘Cocoon’, ‘Love and fear is a potent mix. When you love someone and feel a desperate need to keep them safe, it can make it very hard to judge risk. When you struggle with your own anxiety, your judgement is doubly untrustworthy. You see every slip they make before it happens, whether it ever really happens or not. You imagine every loss of grip your own faithless hands would tremor at, but it scares you twice as much.     

Eventually, you turn into the source of risk. The hysterical monologue of your own cowering familiar becomes the thing you most need to protect them from. At best, you stifle the one you love. At worst, you make them you. If you are a cocoon for another person, remember that the most important job a cocoon has, is to break open and let the being inside it go free. So watch them take flight, feel your stomach sink as they stutter and lurch, and shut the fuck up unless they need you.’

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