We Ascend EP tracklist

1. We Ascend

2. Zero Blue (NSS Mix)

3. Anchor

4. Wide Steppe

5. Stowaway

The Radicant's highly anticipated debut EP We Ascend is out now. The influences span a wide sonic spectrum, from the propulsive drum and bass rhythms of lead single ‘Zero Blue’ to to the cinematic electronica on ‘Stowaway,’ the EP's second single.

The EP's polished production, in collaboration with critically acclaimed, enigmatic French producer Ténèbre, evokes vivid imagery, making it an ideal accompaniment to the visual creations of The Radicant’s live performances.

Vincent Cavanagh is an innovative composer whose work seamlessly blends music with visual arts, pushing the boundaries of interdisciplinary collaboration. Driven by a passion for experimentation, his work with 'The Radicant' allows him the freedom to explore new media and technologies, fostering a dynamic exchange between art forms.

This weekend, London’s Castor Gallery will welcome Sarah Derat and The Radicant for Derat’s ‘Two-Hearted’ exhibition. The exhibition, taking place over Saturday 13th July and Sunday 14th July, will see two live performances of the pair’s RƎTRO/GRADƎ installation on Saturday 13th July, with live music by The Radicant. 

The We Ascend EP will be available on classic black 12” vinyl and digitally everywhere now.
The Radicant embodies Vincent Cavanagh’s artistic philosophy. A pioneering multimedia project helmed by the ex-Anathema frontman and songwriter, The Radicant reflects his adaptive, multi- rooted approach to creating contemporary art and music, merging songcraft and sound design to create a unique blend of hybrid electronica.
Currently, Vincent is collaborating on Homecoming, an interactive mixed-reality installation and dance performance with Georgia Tegou and visual artist Kristina Pulejkova, set to debut in selected theatres in 2025.