Ruins: Live Experience

Where previously the ‘Ruins: Live Experience’ was available for a one time only viewing, now Daniel Tompkins releases ‘Ruins: Live’. The release showcases a truer, darker tone with an emphasis on aggression and was recorded during November 26th’s lavish live-stream performance in celebration of the album ‘Ruins’. Tompkins was joined by Amos Williams (Tesseract) , Mike Malyan (Monuments) , Paul Ortiz (Chimpspanner) , and Pete Skipper (In Colour) for this glorious live feature. Now for the first time ever, fans will be able to relive the live experience of this high-quality production that until now has been locked away.  
The audio from this unique performance was mixed by Daniel Tompkins and Paul Ortiz as well as being mastered by Paul Ortiz and will be available on streaming services and as digital download.  
Regarding the show Dan had the following to say: "This whole project was a huge undertaking for me as a solo artist but with the help of my good friends Amos, Mike, Paul and Pete we pulled together such a wonderful show that I will cherish forever.   
I never dreamt that I would take Ruins live around the UK, especially during a very unstable time post pandemic!  There were so many fans worldwide that were upset they wouldn't be able to travel and catch a show, so having already had the experience of developing a live online show (PORTALS) with TesseracT, I decided to do it myself”


**Please note the beer is unable to be shipped Internationally**

The Abyss / Frenzy

Singer songwriter and TesseracT vocalist Daniel Tompkins releases two new solo singles – “The Abyss” and “Frenzy” to coincide with his collaboration with Alpha Delta Brewery to launch a DIPA called “Liquid Hype” 

“I've had these songs in the pipeline for some time after a spell of writing last year. They showcase a different side of me that's been bubbling away. I really felt like I needed to ramp up the energy and these two tracks definitely get me excited for the new album that I'm working on with Mac Christensen 'Deeper Kind' and Paul Ortiz aka 'Chimpspanner'

Whilst The Abyss is a upbeat song about rising above uncertainty, Frenzy is a full-frontal assault - it's like screaming in the mirror at yourself to keep going” Tompkins comments.

He continues “I wrote these songs last year, handled the guitars, all tracked with my OD Guitars 'Cybele' and decided to bring in Mac Christensen aka Deeper Kind (White Moth Black Butterfly) as a co-producer,on these two songs - he's really helped to bring them to life.  

The mix and master was handled by Forrester Savell (Producer, Mixer) who I've worked with previously on Skyharbor's 'Guiding Lights' and WMBB's 'The Cost of Dreaming' released last year on Kscope. And talking of WMBB, we are currently working on the next album, too.”

Daniel has teamed up with Newcastle’s Alpha Delta brewery to launch his own IPA - “I'm also very excited to announce that the songs will be accompanied with my very own Double IPA with Alpha Delta, they are master brewers who really know their craft. The DIPA is aptly called 'Liquid Hype' brewed with Strata and Citra hops, it's an 8.5% hazy with passionfruit notes - perfect for the summer. So yes, I'm bringing the hype!"

Alpha Delta are equally excited about the collaboration “We met Daniel at The Delta Lounge, after a Tesseract gig, he was taken by our beers and when it was suggested to collaborate on a brew, it seemed like the obvious thing to do... We're really looking forward to the release of his new music and are chuffed to be working with him... it's a big, juicy DIPA, the sort of beer that we became famous for and we're sure it will find some new advocates amongst Daniel's fans.”


Daniel Tompkins releases new album 'Ruins'

A new interpretation of his debut solo album Castles

Features guest appearances from Trivium's Matthew K Heafy, Paul Ortiz (Chimpspanner) and Plini

First single 'The Gift' featuring Matthew K Heafy released

May 2019 saw TesseracT's lead vocalist and songwriter release his debut solo album Castles, his first foray into a more pop rock electronic sound.

Ruins sees Tompkins rework Castles alongside producer Paul Ortiz (Chimp Spanner) showcasing re-written music with more aggression and a truer, darker tone. Castles was originally created by co-producer and friend Eddie Head (Haji’s Kitchen) and whilst the lyrical and conceptual side still represents the same ideas,  the new version Ruins is significantly different to Castles with the addition of  Tompkins’ signature aggressive versus clean vocal style. It was felt that renaming the album and each song was appropriate and aside from the lyrics, it is essentially a completely new album.

Ruins features guest artists and additional co-creators. Paul Ortiz (Chimpspanner) rewrote the music and acted as co-producer alongside Tompkins, and Plini plays guitar on opener ‘Wounded Wings’. First single ‘The Gift’ a brand new song to accompany the album, features Trivium frontman and guitarist, Matt Heafy, a friend of Tompkins who is also a prominent streamer on Twitch. When Matt agreed to contribute to ‘The Gift’, Tompkins wrote the parts and Heafy recorded them from his home studio and live on Twitch. “It was an honour to be featured on ‘The Gift’. Having been a longtime fan of Tesseract and Dan, this was a wonderful collaboration to take part of. People are going to be floored with this release.” 

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Daniel Tompkins has announced his first solo tour in support of the release. He will be performing four intimate shows in the UK in January 2022. His band for the shows will feature Daniel performing on guitar and vocals, Amos Williams (TesseracT) on bass guitar, Mike Malyan (Monuments) on drums, Paul Ortiz (Chimp Spanner) on lead guitar and Pete Skipper (In Colour) on guitar. Support acts are yet to be announced. Daniel had the following to say:

I’m both nervous and excited about the prospect of touring my solo album for the first time. This will be new territory performing both vocals and guitar live for the first time but sharing the stage with my very good friends Amos, Mike, Paul and Pete will be such a privilege. These shows will be an intimate experience full of high energy and I hope to see and meet you all there!”


Tickets will go on sale on Friday 8th October


Wed 26th – Bristol – Exchange

Thu 27th – Manchester – Deaf Institute

Fri 28th – Nottingham – Rescue Rooms

Sat 29th – London – Boston Music Room


The debut solo album from the innovative British singer-songwriter of TesseracT, White Moth Black Butterfly and Skyharbor

Daniel Tompkins, already part of the Kscope family as the vocalist in TesseracT, comments on signing to Kscope as a solo artist “I’m ecstatic to have the backing of Kscope. They believe in what I’m producing and wish to support me as I freely express myself as a solo artist. I cannot thank them enough” 

Within Castles, the listener will explore an album inspired by the arc of relationships – tragic mistakes, misjudgements of character and victorious, passionate love.

Daniel expands on this theme “Everyone has experiences that are relatable to one another in their romantic relationships. We make huge investments of trust and care and commitment into one another and sometimes they simply fail. In fact, most fail. That said, some survive, thrive and create incredible lifelong partnerships or at least important, long lasting love. But sometimes, we make massive misjudgements of character and the true nature of someone is always revealed over time. Sometimes tragic mistakes, physical or mental abuse, compulsion or addiction are an issue and create irreparable harm to relationships and lives, no matter how in love two people may be. This is the area where the most tragic outcomes occur. The album is somewhat cathartic lyrically but in other areas it explores amazing, victorious, passionate love. A lot of this story is told from the perspective of someone seeking that perfect partnership and the ultimate fulfilment of finding it.”