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February MMX

the old man sings
in the face of fear
the circular mantra
why are we here
the audience is blind
to what takes place
in the pillory
life is a stage
the vertical lights of death
in codes of red and blue
birds in black and white
and the drums of wwii
tattooed in numbers
genocide is suicide
we are our own enemy
and the last judgement
our children are hurting
in the final performance
the newborn is still
the rest is silence

Norwegian Gothic

this is a history
of pride and romance
such an eerie fantasy
when you think about it
sins of our fathers
their land and nature
amusement and abuse
in the old farm house
the good wishes
in black and white
photos of ghosts
and the family tree
in a circle of fire
traditions dance
maidens to the altar
of milk and honey
slaughtered goats
fucking in the woods
the blood runs deep
this is our heritage


we drink and drink
a subtle poison
more in sorrow
than in anger
our skin is so thin
and left to love
the sentence we serve
our masks discarded
the blind rage of youth
the black starry eyes
all animal passions
covering up the truth
there is no deliverance
providence is lost

September IV

the family is gathering 
in silent prayer
before the bed 
where he is laid out 
beautiful in black 
and closed eyes 
only a boy 
and a brother 
and a lover 
and a son 
his sudden 
and violent death
leaving us without words
and looking away
from the mother 
and the father
left alone to go through 
a great grief forever
Vegard in memoriam 


mount the high horse
and dogs will follow
the scent of innocence
the wars of the roses
sounding the charge
down in history
the hand that offers
the heart is unfaithful
full of broken promise
and hidden in the hollow
a blood-red coat
white to the bone
fit for a queen
and the cloven foot
a trophy animal
a lost game


how did we end 
so far out
past praying 
and past recall
to believe in nothing
is a faith in itself
a lighthouse
in the eye of the storm
the nightmare
of the nightmare
to follow the signal
of a ghost ship
our names are
written in water
the knowledge
is all around us
we came here 
to be washed away


Stone Angels

The full lyrics to Stone Angels are printed in the album booklets.