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Show a Little Love

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A message from Bruce

Storm usually doesn’t like the ‘band’ featuring in his work, so imagine my surprise when he said it was ok for me to transform into Mr Post-it™ for the album cover.  Even though I’m covered head to toe, the guy who engineered SHIM said he knew it was me the moment he saw the cover. So there you go!

I remember the day – I got the dawn train from Yeovil to the venue, a house near Putney in London. The train broke down in Salisbury, about 40 minutes into my three hour journey. I waited for the next one, which was packed to the rafters with other stony faced, stoic souls. By this time I was feeling rather the worse for wear due to the excesses of the night before. No seat and no coffee compounded the situation. Still, I eventually got to Putney where I met Scott from Kscope (their chief designer) and with the help of his iphone, we eventually found the venue, a tad late.

The Post-it™ notes were there waiting for me, hundreds piled on the table, with my lyrics scribbled all over them.  It was quite unsettling to see my soul exposed like that, let alone when they started sticking them to my face. But by this time I didn’t care, my health was deteriorating rapidly and I was focusing all my energies on preventing last night’s intake popping out over the floor, which would have been a tad embarrassing. I think that helped Mr Post-it™ look so enigmatic! Although if they had caught the moment on camera I bet Storm would have loved it.

Luckily, I managed to hold it together for what seemed like an eternity, the sun came out and the guys got a great shot which became the front cover. Scott and I then bid the Storm crew farewell and had a well earned pint down the road at the Half Moon in Putney, a favourite venue for The Pineapple Thief over the years. A fitting way to end the day.

Here are a few shots Scott took of my transformation:

TPT SHIM shoot

TPT SHIM shoot

TPT SHIM shoot

TPT SHIM shoot

TPT SHIM shoot

TPT SHIM shoot

and the final cover...

Nothing at Best