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Show a Little Love

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Show a Little Love

Someone Here is Missing, the recent album from The Pineapple Thief was released on Kscope earlier this year. The record had been described by front man Bruce Soord as, “A record of dark edges, full of love and regret. My life in the last eighteen months pretty much,” but it quickly earned a bagful of new descriptions, best summed by Classic Rock who simply stated that it was ‘frequently mesmerising’.

Following several successful festival appearances over the past few months, the band are now about to embark on a European tour and release Show A Little Love.

The new EP features 4 brand new tracks (part of a sixteen minute piece) alongside a single edit of the title track and alternate versions of three tracks from the band’s latest album, Someone Here is Missing. (acoustic versions of two tracks plus a rousing remix of Dead In The Water).

The EP features artwork developing the post-it man concept created for the album by legendary designer Storm Thorgerson.

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1. Show A Little Love (single edit)
2. To Live And Die To The Familiar Sound Of...
- I Can Only See the Lights
- A Million Miles off Course
- Counting the Cost
- To Live and Die to...
3. Wake Up The Dead (acoustic)
4. Someone Here is Missing (acoustic)
5. Dead In The Water (Worldengine remix)


Here is the video for Show a Little Love, directed and produced by Ross Bolidai

click here to watch the video on YouTube

Thanks to Ross for doing such a great job and producing a video we are all really chuffed with.

Ross Bolidai