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A message from Bruce

The artwork for Someone Here is Missing features a man covered in hundreds of Post-it™ notes, so we are asking you to draw your favourite album artwork on a post-it note, scan it and send it to us so we can add it to the online gallery.

The first efforts from the band, the Kscope staff and friends are already in the gallery below, along with the first entry from none other than Michael Eavis.

Get sketching, and send your entries via email, to this address.

Click here to read Bruce's diary of creating the cover artwork with Storm

Lasse Hoile's

Steven Wilson's

Carl Glover's

Danny Cavanagh's

Ben Martin's (NAO)

Michael Eavis's

Bruce Soord's

Steve Kitch's

Keith Harrison's

Tony Harris'

Tony Harris'

Pierre Perone

Chris Ingham's

Phil Rogers'

Bill's (NAO)

Johnny Wilks'

Linn Hutchinson's

Tom Gallacher's

Cliff Dane's

Clive Dickenson's

Ian Crockett

Linn Hutchinson's

Elen Trubicyna's

Richard Wears'

Paul Groundwell

Simon (Engineers)

Scott Robinson's






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