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Insurgentes Harmony Korine

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album credits:

All songs written, produced and mixed by steven wilson and published by hands off it's mine publishing. administered by kobalt / bmi

an international recording written and performed in various locations between december 07 - august 08

steinway piano on insurgentes recorded at st bartholemew's church in brighton by colin atwell

additional guitar recording by john wesley and mark prator at red room recorders, tampa, florida

jordan's piano performances on his Steinway D, engineered by bert baldwin

michiyo yagi recorded by masaki sasaki at sound pot, tokyo

london session orchestra recorded at angel studio, london by steve price

stereo mastering by andy van dette at masterdisk, new york city

dvda authoring by opus productions


song credits:

harmony korine
steven wilson - vocals, electric guitars, bass, keyboards
gavin harrison - drums

steven wilson - vocals, electric piano, bass, electric guitars, glockenspiel, drum programming
theo travis - wah-flute
sand snowman - acoustic and processed acoustic guitars
gavin harrison - drums

steven wilson - vocals, bass, electric guitars, keyboards
gavin harrison - drums
dirk serries - guitar drone string arrangement by sw and dave stewart, performed by the london session orchestra

veneno para las hadas
steven wilson - vocals, electric guitars, bass, harmonium
jordan rudess - piano
theo travis - clarinet
sand snowman - recorders
gavin harrison - cymbals

no twilight within the courts of the sun
steven wilson - vocals, electric guitar (including first solo), piano, celeste
mike outram - second guitar solo
jordan rudess - piano
tony levin - bass
gavin harrison - drums

significant other
steven wilson - vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, electric piano, glockenspiel
clodagh simmonds - vocals
tony levin - bass
gavin harrison - drums

only child
steven wilson - vocals, electric guitar, piano, bass, synthesizer
gavin harrison - drums
susana moyaho - voice

twilight coda
steven wilson - electric and acoustic guitar, percussion
mike outram - electric guitar
jordan rudess - piano
sand snowman - acoustic and processed acoustic guitars, percussion

get all you deserve
steven wilson - vocals, piano, electric guitars, mellotron, glockenspiel, bass, total fucking noise
gavin harrison - drums
dirk serries - guitar drone

steven wilson - vocals, piano, bass, harmonium, guitar loops
michiyo vagi -17-string bass koto


artwork credits

photography and filming by lasse hoile. studio and ipod graveyard photography by susana moyaho. bits of dungeness photographed by carl glover

design by carl glover for aleph

steven wilson uses paul reed smith guitars, babicz acoustic guitars, bad cat amplifiers, line6 effects, spector basses, ernie ball strings

deepest gratitude to all the musicians for their wonderful contributions - gavin harrison, tony levin, mike outram, jordan rudess, clodagh simmonds, dirk serries, sand snowman, dave stewart, theo travi, michiyo yagi

special thanks also to siren dural, andy leff, colin atwell, dann chinn, mark rappaport, colin newman, aviv geffen, mikael akerfeldt, neil wilkes, raviv golan, burning shed, wes, mark prator, bert baldwin, carl glover, charles beterams, didier, mike bennion, ivo watts russell, jonas renkse, orphaned land

a very special thanks to juan carlos villanueva for his help in mexico, and to lasse and suzie q for their amazing pictures and coming along for the ride


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