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Insurgentes smallAudio

an absolutely gorgeous wall of sound… The whole album will keep Wilson fans very happy as well as attract new ones.

Classic Rock (UK)
he has taken a giant step into his future. This is a beautiful and mysterious record that were it to bear the logo Radiohead on its cover would already be hailed as a masterpiece…
...It’s quite a trick and Steven Wilson is quite a talent. Insurgentes is the work of a genuine artist.


Aquarian Weekly (USA)
...layer after melodius layer of exquisitely produced and thoughtful progressive rock....He's still a genius...

Rolling Stone (USA) reviewed by David Fricke
Adapting the strong-bone riffing and oblique-hook strategies of progressive rock and art metal into a decisively melodic melancholy... Wilson’s first solo album is among the best of his many records.

SputnikMusic reviewed by Martin Hartmann (click to full review)
The first thing that struck me is the sound production. It’s the best thing SW has done so far in my opinion. This is the kind of CD that AKG develop their high-end headphones for. Even the heavily distorted parts come across crystal clear – I know that is a paradox.

The second thing I find amazing is that, although combining pop, rock, prog, electronica, shoegazer, jazz, krautrock, soundtrack-like soundscapes and even grunge, the album defenitely has a flow to it. All songs connect flawlessly.

Ultimate Guitar reviewed by thenewblack745 (click to full review)
Good God this is an awesome album. It shows a truly unique sound and leaves you begging for more.

Music-News reviewed by Ollie Cornish (click to full review)
Opener Harmony Korine introduced itself with a gentle flourish of chiming guitars before very suddenly pulling the carpet right from under you with a weighty wall of sound intertwined with an effortlessly beautiful vocal melody. It’s a bit like being hit in the face with a twelve-ton hammer son. It will blow your mind. To pieces. Harmony Korine is the most immediate song here, an anthem that will immediately gratify. It’s blend of haunting melody and fuzzed out guitars laden with subtle menace sets the standard of things that follow. But it won’t prepare you. Oh no.

The industrial sounds of Abandoner follow before Salvaging, a hefty eight minutes of dense droning guitars and swirling synth’s makes its mark on your eardrums, leaving you exhausted emotionally as it inexorably powers on like a steamroller through your brain. Salvaging, in turn, make’s way for the hauntingly sublime shoegaze of Veneno Para Las Hadas with its understated strings and piano. It is a gentle respite from the intensity of what has gone before. Alas the preposterously titled doom prog epic No Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun soon drags you back (somewhat willingly) through the emotional ringer with a swirling melange of psychotic solo’s, mournful rhythms and the kind of tricksy, face melting beat we are more used to hearing from an otherwise low key Gavin Harrison.

A major highlight of the album has to be Significant Other. With help from the otherworldly vocals of Clodagh Simmonds, Steve has created one of his most memorable choruses. It’s a stunning piece of melodic doom rock that will own your attention from start to finish.

Even in the latter half when other albums would tail off Insurgentes engages us head on with some inspired musicianship. The haunting instrumental of Twilight Coda with its jazzy piano lines, the slow burning melody riddled monster Get All You Deserve and the piano led minutes of the title (and final) song itself all. Utterly. Convince.

As a whole the album is overwhelming. After listening to Insurgentes all the way through you feel quite exhausted and rising from our seats it felt like a trance had been lifted. It is an intense, diverse and intelligent album. Subtler in texture and extravagance than PT yet still retaining an incredible dominance over all who listen, Insurgentes has set the benchmark for 2009.

(5 Stars)


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