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Last year Porcupine Tree released their latest album The Incident. The album marked another step forward in the incredible journey of the band from a solo studio project created by Steven Wilson in the late eighties to a grammy nominated act and one of the world’s most revered live bands, currently selling out arenas across the globe and wowing fans with their incredible performances.

Anesthetize is a 2 disc set (DVD + Blu-Ray) which captures the power of band’s live show. Recorded in high definition on multi-cameras over two nights at 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland in October 2008, directed by Lasse Hoile. The concerts featured tracks from throughout the band’s career until that point.

Anesthetize collects the highlights from the two shows and presents them on both DVD and on Blu-Ray. It is only the band’s second DVD release and will be available on Kscope in spring 2010.

CHAPTER LIST: Intro, Fear of a Blank Planet, My Ashes, Anesthetize, Sentimental Way Out of Here, Sleep Together, What Happens Now?, Normal, Dark Matter, Drown With Me, Cheating the Polygraph, Half-Light, Sever Wedding, Nails,
Strip the Soul / Dot Three, Sleep of No Dreaming, Halo, Outro

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Way Out of Here, taken from Anesthetize DVD


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