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Aardschok Magazine

Rock Tribune Magazine

'...Highly recommended...'

'...a progressive adventure with a very mature sound...'

'...a touching, yet heartbreaking record... should be admired and enjoyed in all its grief-stricken glory...'
Ghost Cult (8/10)

"The clarity which reins supreme on the mix of this new album points the compass in a new direction...No afterthoughts or worries on this album. It is another stellar performance. Don't miss this latest chapter in the story."
Mark Johnson, Sea Of Tranquillity 5/5

"I think that it almost goes without saying that this album, Afterthoughts, gets the special "One To Buy" sticker on the front, and indeed also gets a "This Experience Will Last Forever" sticker just below it."
Jim Lawson, Muzik Reviews 5/5

"Despite its bleak subject matter, the record is a life-affirming experience"
Jordan Blum, Popmatters 9/10

"You can never underestimate music like this as there is a lot to be heard beneath the surface."
Tommy Hash, Ytsejam 4/5

"April is very early to think about my album of the year list, but with Afterthoughts Nosound has set the bar pretty high indeed... Afterthoughts comes highly recommended indeed."
Marc, Prognosis 10/10

"The music is far from being mundane. You do not just listen to it; you feel it."
Witch Wolf, Metal Temple 9/10

"Nosound is a genre in itself. If you're not too addicted to adrenaline, discover this album, you should, like me, succumb to its charm."
Alter, 4/5

"If you like Nosound without hesitation you should buy the new album, because you will not be disappointed. For me the big 5-Star." 5/5

"Nosound have produced their best album to date and so far the best album of the year and I truly recommend you get it..Tesseract, Dream Theater and Black Sabbath will have to release something truly special if they want to surpass this masterpiece"
IGN, 10/10

"The work of Nosound is a must-own for any person celebrated this current return of prog music or any real lover of any kind of music. "
Bradley Brizer, ProgArchy

"A perfect album to get to embark on a journey deep thoughts. I would see it as the perfect complement to Anathema's Weather Systems."