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Music and lyrics by Giancarlo Erra

Giancarlo Erra: vocals, guitars, keyboards Paolo Vigliarolo: guitars
Alessandro Luci: bass
Marco Berni: keyboards
Chris Maitland: drums, backing vocals
Marianne De Chastelaine: cello
Wooden Quartet (Melania Maggiore, Ludovica Alberti, Roberta Rosato, Irene Maria Caraba): strings on track 3
Our appreciation and gratitude goes to Giulio Caneponi for joining Nosound on drums when this album was near its completition: his presence, efforts, suggestions and enthusiasm influenced and affected us all!

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Giancarlo Erra
Additional production & recording: Chris Maitland, Paolo Vigliarolo, Nick Thompson, John Painter Recorded in the United Kingdom (London, Norwich), Italy (Rome), the USA (Dallas)

Chris Maitland is playing Zildjian Cymbals (with the exception of a gorgeous Sabian Crash!)

Photos, graphic design and authoring: Giancarlo Erra

GE: thanks to my always supportive family and friends, Marta for making everything possible, Tony, Johnny, Scott, Tom, Linn, Richard & everyone at Kscope; Stefano Fasti, Riccardo, Massimo, Mira, Stefano, Paolo, Gigi, Valerio; Tim, Pete, Lisa at Burning Shed; Doug, Darek, Giulio, Marco, Marianne & Chris; Pink, Mark and everyone at PMT Norwich; Val Kouzmin, Robert Van Diggele, Mike ‘Lizardking’, Neil and everyone at QQ forum.
PV: tthanks to my family for supporting my music career full of great people and friends. All my love goes to my wife Eleonora and to the music that made us meet in the first place.

AL: thanks to my family and all my friends..old and new ones!
MB: dedicated to Anna Laura, my family, friends and everyone who have left an important mark in my life.
GC: thanks to fate that made me meet and join Nosound, a bunch of good friends with whom we'll make a lot of great music in total harmony, and to Giancarlo who gave me the opportunity to be present on this cd....even if only with a thank you note!

Our special thank you goes to all our always more numerous fans all over the world for your incredible support: this album would not happen without you!

Management & booking: Glassville Music (

Official website: