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At The Pier ep

Ahead of Afterthoughts came At The Pier, a new EP which featured three brand new tracks. For the tracks Nosound were joined by Marianne De Chastelaine on cello and Chris Maitland, formerly of Porcupine Tree and Blackfield, on drums. Chris, who will be playing on all of the tracks on the new album, adds a new dimension to the Nosound dynamic through his powerful and inventive drumming as frontman Giancarlo Erra explains when describing the tracks that make up At The Pier:

In general I would say that The Anger Song is a more rough and bleak song than usual Nosound, probably even more powerful and 'angry'. A New Start is more Nosound but almost uplifting in a melancholic way, majestic in music with more twisted lyrics, with a mix of blues and postrock all packed in a song. Two Monkeys is based around piano, upright bass and sampled strings, with deep meaningful lyrics for a different type of piano song to previous Nosound and featuring Marianne De Chastelaine's cello.

At The Pier was a strictly limited digipack release.

1. The Anger Song 

2. A New Start 

3. Two Monkeys (alt. version)  


Giancarlo Erra and Chris Maitland discuss working together on the 'At the Pier' ep that preceeded 'Afterthoughts'

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Here's a sampler video from the 'At the Pier' ep

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At the Pier is now SOLD OUT