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Clean Coloured Wire


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The album release is something which is genuinely exciting for all involved - everyone behind the scenes has been massively helpful in getting things to this stage, and we're really excited that the album's finally come out.

The pictures in the gallery are generally from the recording of the record at Jacob's studios in Surrey, and Rockfield studio in Wales. There's also one of us playing Glastonbury in 2005.

Most of the recording though took place at our studio in Rainford, Merseyside, which despite it's less than glamorous surroundings was home for a good few years and I'm not sure the album would have taken shape the way it did if it had been recorded entirely in an expensive studio.

A lot of the ideas for the album came out of a European tour in 2005 where we were listening to lots of classic alternative stuff like Neu!, Sonic Youth and The Breeders, then late at night playing Joseph Cantaloube's 'Songs Of the Augvergne' and Steve Reich's Music For Eighteen Musicians. When we returned to the UK we toured with the now sadly defunct Clor, whose singer Barry turned us on to Harmonia. Upon buying Musik Von Harmonia we were instantly drawn to the amazing opening track Watussi and decided to build our own song around it. We hope we've done the original the justice it deserves.

It was great to have such an idiosyncratic and inspiring genesis to the record, and even we've been on a challenging journey getting to this point, I think that we have achieved what we hoped to on the bus. Tom Sheehan's sleeve creation is the perfect anomaly for the album, so even though we live in an age where musicians who would like to remain an enigma are becoming scarce, I hope that you have fun working out what the hell we're going on about...

Thanks, enjoy the album




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