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To An Evergreen

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A message from Bruce

What It's Worth

So you take something that you have to say,
and you throw some part of your love away.
Then be naive, thinking that your luck changed.
It won't stop here, staking all you knew.

Dismiss your one great fear inside,
but don't deny your history.
Tell me what you want to see,
I'm never going back for what it's worth.

Now you wake and stifle words you have to say
and you know someone took your trust away.
Can you be clear? thinking got the best of you.
Just what do you fear? Being someone new?



Every time you get fear there are silent signs that lead on.
And your speech is so free of life,
won't you show me what your better side can remember?

You find it hard to believe that all this started before our lives.
Time to think as you fall outside what you'll find,
when you summon all that piece of mind.

You've got to smile now that he's walking.
You've know your face will tell a different story.
You're gonna see that it will be fine,
We've made those mistakes for the last time.

Las Vega

When morning gets light, you watch the sun rise on the sea
If only that sight translated to life with you here.
You're tired of just waiting round with no one to talk you down
and you can't seem to shake off the one truth you've found.
You'll be in the sun again, I know you still dream of it,
I can see it before you can.

Don't wait till the plane flies away,
You'll never get it here today, you will regret it if you stay.
Don't take every word I have to say another way.

I know you'll turn round when you hear the sound that you need.
I know you'll save face then tell me one day what you've seen.
Information you get will build up inside your head,
and you can't seem to break with the warmth of the game.
You lost your trust right away, you can't tell the night from day,
I can hear it before you speak.

Don't wait till the feeling's gone away.
You'll never get here again, I know you're looking for a friend.
Don't take every word I have to say another way.

Press Rewind

Listen closely to me now.
Don't blame yourself for times that you wanna leave.
List your reasons for me now.
You can't find the words
and I'm sure that you won't tomorrow.

You can't start a fire as the falling rain gets stronger.
What is it you say now?
You are too high to face the facts.
Then you say you wish you're someone else,
cos then you'd just press rewind,
cos I'm not checking up.

This whole act is falling down.
Your words won't cut me down for another day.
I hope you find what you're missing.
You feel fine today,
I can tell that you won't tomorrow.

There Will Be Time

Flights that take endless days,
that won't surely end in dreams.
You say you don't sleep,
you always will.
You know what I'm dreaming,
you know that so far in this dream we're laughing.

One day there will be time.
One way's all we have.
One day this will all blow away.
Try to let you know, keep you from letting go.

To an Evergreen

I felt the seasons change by the way you turned your eyes,
to an evergreen.
I'm sure the sun will rise by the way you raise your head,
like it's all a dream,
that you have to leave.

I've found my own place to be,
and now you stand clear away from me
You sound so far, there is no dream that's taking
me back to where I was.
And face to face we're falling down
You're safe with your own respect for it.
Your voice so far, it sounds unreal,
there's no one to tell me not to go.

I have seen people change, it's not always for the best.
Their leaves fall less and less,
Like an evergreen.
Across the mountain range as a bolt coms from the blue,
Equations ringing through,
like a lazer beam.

Twenty Paces

I say you will, you say you won't, you don't.
Yes we could talk until it's dark, so what?
It's different now, walking with a crowd is everything.
A better way, pleasure from the clay you're holding.

Nothing to show, I can't even get close,
there's no empty spaces.
Want you to know the game is changing now,
get ahead by twenty paces.
Nothing to show, I can't even get close,
there's no empty spaces
Want you you to know the race is over now,
think of laughter coming after.

An idle word, insistent beat of thought.
A bitter pill, I've had my fill of talk.
I cannot stop treasuring your way of thinking.
Into the blue, light is coming through you're holding me.

You're the one who's left behind.
You lift your head and look around.
No soul in sight, you've gone too far.
You shout their names into the dark.
A house, a gathering of your closest friends.
A loop, a video of your life's regrets.
A dream, a fantasy of a sleepy town.
Ten years, a reckoning coming faster now.

In Praise of More

Take your place today,
what's gonna be the best release that you can feel?
Life's a lesson that you can't leave.
Watch the final frame
where you can steal your own remains,
what's on your plate?
try not begging, fortune can wait.

You've won a race where there's nobody running.
To a place that you're never gonna see.
In the rain and the wrong foot is running
You could win and be running again.

Pushing it away,
the perfect opportunity,
forever blown, waited too long,
that bird has flown.
fulfillment of a shoreline dream,
You had a choice,
what would you give to hear that voice?

And there's someone else that you cannot see.
You must wait for them like you wait for me.
It's their presence that makes your dreams so sweet,
you will change quickly with the wind.