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To An Evergreen

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A message from Bruce


" a 21st century Nick Drake"


CLASH Magazine

'This is an album damp with tears, slightly shaken by angst and should be given to most UK bands around at the moment to use as an example in making an album that is a joy to behold.'

8/10 read full review here


High Voltage

Masters of their trade, Engineers are out to spread their music, and it’s of such quality, we should all be taking notice.

read full review here


reflections of

‘In Praise of more’ leaves you with a feeling of melancholy and longing, with a mixture of regrets and hope, as to find so many hidden shadows on that sunlit ground. There are lines like: “your one great fear inside”, “you lost your trust” and “don’t blame yourself”, that would seem to pull down the whole weightless atmosphere of the music, if there weren’t the sparkling moments of hope and inner conciliation.'

(9/10) read full review here



A true meeting of the minds sparks a creative rebirth for the low-key shoe-gazers.

7/10 read full review here



4 Stars read full review here


Music OMH

'If Three Fact Fader was dreampop, then Engineers were only snoozing. In Praise of More is closer to a coma... albeit an extremely colourful, eventful one.'

4 Stars read full review here


The Line of Best Fit

Engineers have created an evocative album that will touch both the heart and the mind. Hopefully, the current line up with stay true to take the band into their next chapter.

read the full review here


Sound Blab

The syrupy warmth of the vocals on In Praise Of More linger long after you've digested its eight tracks. The album's organic charm provides a very wholesome way to rouse a sleepy head at the start of the day, or to lull the listener into a stupor at the other end.

7/10 read the full review here


The 405

Dream landscapes and some electronic sensibilities. That's the sound of Engineers in a nutshell. In a way, even if it's their signature sound all over again, Engineers have evolved in a real subtle way, adding a slight edge in every offering.

read the full review here