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Kscope Podcast 123 – Heliostāsio – Stand of the Sun

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Podcast 123


Ahead of forthcoming LPs on Kscope, we hear brand spanking new tracks from the pens of Ed Wynne and Bruce Soord. Plus, a brief chat with Gavin Harrison (from King Crimson/Porcupine Tree) on how he trained Bruce's voice and Bruce Soord himself on the gestation of the first track to be teased from the new The Pineapple Thief LP.

PLUS  a look back on other Junes at Kscope, a fertile month, with tracks from Lunatic Soul, Anathema and Paul Draper of Mansun and an oldie but goldie from ten years ago...

STAY SAFE and remember, as always, the Kscope store is OPEN (online)!

On this podcast:

Ozric Tentacles - 'Humboldt Currant'

Daniel Tompkins- 'Black The Sun' (from Castles)

The Pineapple Thief - 'Demons'  (from Versions Of The Truth)

Lunatic Soul - 'The Art Of Repairing' (from Under The Fragmented Sky)

Anathema- 'Back To The Start' (from The Optimist)

Paul Draper feat Steven Wilson 'No Ideas'

The Pineapple Thief - 'The State We're In'  (from Someone Here Is Missing'

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