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Kscope Podcast 155 - HEAVYOSITY (with Guillaume from Klone)

Le GRAND sound of KLONE from the forests of France. Touring with Devin Townsend! Guillaume from the band talks us through why they did livestream shows, how the notoriously bureaucracy-loving French dealt with lockdown and talks about vibrations a lot.

PLUS the MIGHTY sound of EMPYRE from the hotbed of heavy - the English industrial Midlands; and the DENSENESS of the guv’nors TESSERACT rocking their way through the P O R T A L S. …and a bit of shade to go with the light as JONATHAN HULTÉN goes far out into the Swedish countryside.


  • Klone - Apnea, Within Reach & Night & Day (from Meanwhile)
  • Empyre - Forget Me (from Relentless - 31.3.23)
  • Jonathan Hultén - Leaving (from The Forest Sessions)
  • TesseracT - Eden (from P O R T A L S)

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