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Thinking back to 2005, more than four years ago, makes me feeling really strange writing this now…

It starts always in the same way, we all like listening to music and if you're a musician sooner or later you end playing the music of someone else. And then starts the desire of being like 'him' or 'them' when you grow up, touring the world in a dirty pullman or luxury hotels, playing in front of thousands people. Even nowadays with modern technology and myspace available to everyone, is really hard to emerge and to realize (well at least in part!) that desire, to live for and of music (again at least in part!), and my list of thank yous would be too long even for this website but the most important ones from the last year are on the booklet of the soon to be released new album A Sense Of Loss.

Thinking back even further to more than 20 years ago to when I was a boy listening to my father's vinyl and playing on a toy-keyboard trying to recreate what I was listening and later when as a teenager I received my first electric guitar, it makes all this unreal. From the first demos on cassettes with the hi-fi and double tape recorder through the first experiments with Amiga 500 and trackers, the steps to A Sense Of Loss are so many and so long that it's almost impossible to realize how and what lead to this but it was made possible by the support from my family, the persons and friends I lived for and with, and most of all by the band that are now Nosound.


I think the new album perfectly describes the abilities of the band to create such different types of colours and dynamics, with a unique deep sense of music and feeling. Listening to the new work but keeping in mind the previous albums, I think it's easy to trace the band evolution, always growing without losing the spirit that was always behind the Nosound name with Sol29 and Lightdark . Paolo Martellacci, Paolo Vigliarolo, Alessandro Luci, Gigi Zito, Gabriele Savini, are all friends I'm sharing this life with, and they're all people with a unique musicality giving life and voice to the music I always wanted to make and play, and they're part of this journey. Other important people like Tim Bowness, the Burning Shed, the guys at Kscope, our first manager Annalisa, our current super manager Rob Palmen and all the incredible fans supporting us in every possible way, are part of the journey too. They're all the people behind the Nosound name and music.

Personally A Sense Of Loss represents my biggest effort, both in terms of production and of what I tried to communicate with and through the music. It is, as always, a mix of feelings that can be so hard and struggling yet so intense and beautiful at the same time.

It's due to all this and all the people behind Nosound that the new album is now reality, and as always I hope everyone will enjoy listening to it as much we enjoyed creating it.


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